Working Mum's Daycare and Pre-school Vacancies


Early Years Practitioner/ Teacher

East Sheen

Have you ever had a picnic with a baby on a roof garden? Have you gazed at the views from the roof tops with a toddler? Have you had a children’s nursery party overlooking the houses and homes of your nursery families?

It’s amazing and it belongs to East Sheen and the special family of practitioners, babies, toddlers and young children!

Our East Sheen setting is big and our community is small. We value quality and committed practitioners to ensure our amazing and innovative nursery, designed and redeveloped over three floors of old offices, continues to be the incredible nursery that it already is.

If you like a challenge, enjoy busy and bustling settings with a diverse team of practitioners who like fun, you will be a strong applicant for our practitioner positions.

We have positions in all age groups. Come and join us in your favourite age group

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Battersea, East Sheen, Mortlake

If you are looking to join an encouraging and fun company to support you into a career in early childhood education, where you can learn from others who have made a success of their apprenticeships start here.

Our Working Mums settings have openings for a committed apprentice

Many of us (right through to management level) have started as apprentices and learning on the job. We are proud of those achievements and love seeing others make those same successes.

It’s hard to know where to start, but a small company, with settings well established in their London communities with a solid track record of developing apprentices is a great place to start.

Our support for apprentices is outstanding and what better way to start your career in early childhood education and care.

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