As well as all the benefits the different companies have, the supportive links with other settings and other companies is seen as very valuable by their employees.

Many of the companies we recruit for collaborate together to support each other, share staff if needed, notify each other of roles coming up. There is also a lot of intercompany management support, where they have get-togethers, meeting and training days together to support each other. We have even seen managers from the different companies join up to visit suppliers together and share resourcing ideas.

Yes, from time to time, there’s a little bit of healthy competition too. According to one of the managers in the Cranbrook Group, Louise; “That just makes us determined to be better and look after our own teams! But also, when we have supported a team member with nowhere else to go professionally in our own nursery or a better opportunity has come up at another nursery, we are really happy to promote them to another setting or group and see them grow.”